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Ilustração – Shiny Fairy (2006)

This fairy is a mascot of a Brazilian Event project. All made in CorelDraw12


Ilustração – PovoGato mascots kitties kitties

These group of kitties where made for a friends website called “PovoGato” (something like “Cat People”)

I made some draws to help another friend selling t-shirts to help abandoned animals and she introduce me to the great project! So, i didn’t had money to help, but I could help with my illustrations and design! So I made a new logo and some “mascots” to be used at website’s layout! The site will be published soon here [link]

She has a abandoned cat shelter and do a really pretty work…

It’s difficult create in different “styles” of cats and dogs, but I think I’m doing well… I designed mascots to 4 diferent websites/animal shelters, and all are a little bit diferent, but of course, when you look you cans see they are made by the same person XD

Ilustração – Kari as a Nendoroid Figure

Kari Kariyama as a Nendoroido Doll

I made my original character “Kari” as a Nendoroid figure [link]

handmade sketch and Photoshop final art and colors

Ilustração – Pantera Púrpura Sketch

Old sketch, a mascot for a webstore caled “Pantera Púrpura”